Devon and Cornwall quite famously sit on a massive amount of granite, with the tors of the nearby moorlands made out of outcrops of the hard rock. You will often also come across standing stones on the moors, the plentiful and hard wearing material perhaps fashioned and arranged by ancient hands for ceremonial religious uses, walls for livestock or shelters against the weather.

You can of course now buy modern quarried and manufactured granite items – my own house has a pair of very square granite gate posts – but some older examples seem to have been ‘acquired’ over the many years and turn up ‘re-purposed’ in agricultural settings around the county.

Perhaps in thousands of years people may speculate about this single, now unattached-to-anything lump of granite on the outer ring of Warbstow Bury, although they might have to scratch their heads and wonder about the purpose of the single metal bracket attached to it.

DSC02068Mar 25 2018 1