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Incoming tide at Tremoutha

Just climbing the coastpath south, just barely out of Crackington Haven, you come across Tremoutha, the next cove along. There isn’t an easy access to the beach here, any faint  pathway has long since grown over, so access may only be relatively safely gained by skipping and scrambling around the small headland and over the rocks from Crackington at low enough tides.

Sadly my days of skipping and scrambling are a memory now so I have to walk the puffing and panting path, running steeply upwards above and then around the back of the cove and resting frequently for taking in views like this.

DSC02232Apr 08 2018 2.jpg


14 thoughts on “Incoming tide at Tremoutha”

  1. Please continue your random yet eye catching beautiful shots. I am a Photographer at heart however I never “read” and studied to further that journey.

    Seeing your photos honestly motivated me to pull out my iPhone and my Cannon 10-D to snap random shots in the yard recently.

    Please know that your vision, your insight into what you see as beauty captivates man I am sure. It captivated my vision and immediately makes me think of my upcoming trip to Newfoundland in July for a family reunion. It’s the rough yet smooth and naked lines revealed in B&W of raw nature and subtle scenes of where you live and the nature around you. They are wonderful and on that note I digress. Keep up the great work Bear, you have an eye sir.

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    1. Oh my… Well, a blushing thank you.

      I think I have ‘the eye’ as you say but I still lack the practical experience to always get the shot that I saw. Like most things, it’s finding out how to make the tools do what you want, some of the time. Other times it’s also finding that you did something accidentally that you see and like after the event as well!

      I am really glad you are inspired to capture your own surroundings again, I’ll come and have a look!


    1. Oh yes, unfortunately the control of my muscles and balance is probably more like someone who is 90 than 50 with the MS thing, it causes much consternation to my wife sometimes as I’m attempting different angles near the cliffs!


    1. The coast around here has many little coves and rocky beaches, possibly only accessible from the sea (or abseiling down the cliffs).
      I have bought a kayak to use to explore, looks slightly less scary than jumping backwards off a clifftop with a bit of rope or two hopefully attached.

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    1. Thanks, I had to watch for a while and try to get the nice continuous curve the break forms, it wasn’t happening with every wave.


  2. I like your attitude toward photography. It is a very personal endeavor and should not conform to another person’s expectations. Black and white is so stunning and is an invitation to the imagination .

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