Photographically I find Crowdy reservoir is a struggle. It’s one of those places that you think must offer something, being within sight of Roughtor on Bodmin Moor and in a spacious and otherwise mainly unspoiled setting. It’s not though. Attempts to relay the sparse and bleak views end up looking pretty boring to my eyes.

I generally take a camera on my walks there but end up using the binoculars more to see what species of migratory or local water birds have dropped in to rest and feed up. As one of the only expanses of fresh water for miles around, it forms a food rich and safe from predators drop-in spot for them.

There are a few hawthorns growing on the windswept banks at this elevation but otherwise it is given over to patches of regular fast growing plantation trees and sheep.

I found one viewpoint to make a frame with and then carried on viewing a pair of Great Crested Grebes and flocks of Canada Geese doing their thing out on the water with my binoculars.

DSC08495Jan 18 2017 1.jpg