Well, that’s increased the followers number and the statistics page bar graphs went to places I’ve never seen before!

Thank you everyone for liking, following and commenting, it is much appreciated and is still humbling to think that people from all over the globe are seeing and enjoying the exact little bits of world I was admiring in the viewfinder myself when I pressed the shutter button.

My wife is highly amused when I read out the list of visitor’s countries of origin, I think it’s well over a hundred now.

A little bit of the world, more precisely about a square meter of it, is in this view I picked out clambering over the rocks at Crackington Haven.

As this place is only a few miles down the road it is a regular feature in my week and photography so I hope you don’t get tired of it. I haven’t yet, with every tide there’s always a different composition possibility to notice, particularly if you take time to watch your feet as carefully as I have to sometimes.

There is an endless variety of shape, line and texture in these rocks, all of the layers built up over millions of years and now telling a story of being shaped by continental collisions, the various types of erosion and the life that has made use of them.

They say there’s no straight lines in nature but these appear to be pretty close.

DSC01667Mar 16 2018