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Print news

I have started to make some prints available to purchase now at Society6. There are many options of sizes and frames available, as well as unframed prints. I have heard good things from local artists who sell using the site so I am confident it will do a great job.

Although priced in US dollars and based in the USA, they do ship items worldwide too.

Populating the store is slow going due to the very patchy rural internet speed. In fact it might be quicker for me to take a flight to their offices in America and hand in a flash drive with my pictures on.

I wasn’t necessarily going to make every shot on the blog available on there but if you do have a favourite that you’d like me to add then please do use the Contact form and let me know.

In the meantime, sit on the beach and watch the waves crashing over the dramatic rocks at Crackington Haven. I’ll just shovel some more coal into the Cornish internet engine.

DSC01663Mar 16 2018 1.jpg

7 thoughts on “Print news”

    1. It’s all new to me!
      It was an artist friend who was pleased with the product quality that turned me on to it. I can still get prints made myself for my more local markets.

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