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Photographers Assistant

It was fine afternoon and the light was good, although frustratingly for a black and white photographer there was an annoying featureless blank blue sky. I would have to focus on filling the frame with otherwise interesting things.

So I am up at Warbstow Bury, playing with compositions while my assistant is off exploring other locations.

I played with framing the distant satellite dishes of GCHQ Morwenstow through the arch that the tree half makes but I am aware that I can’t see my assistant and haven’t now for a good few minutes. Perhaps she’s found something interesting.

Unusually for a photographers assistant, she is well trained and responds fairly well when I need her.

So I whistled for her.

DSC02086Mar 25 2018.jpg

Her name is Gwynnik, a Cornish word for ‘little white thing’. She reported many interesting rabbit holes in the location.

23 thoughts on “Photographers Assistant”

    1. Thank you Roy. A lot of trees look like they’re swaying but they’ve been blown into that shape as they won’t grow in towards the strong prevailing winds… Look out for more typical Cornish shaped trees in future. 🙂


    1. It’s probably the thought that if she comes to a whistle it’ll be a good tickle, many enthusiastic sounding compliments and, most importantly I suspect, a tasty treat. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, she’s in recovery at the moment after being spayed a couple of days ago but I shouldn’t think it’ll take long before she’s out ‘helping’ me again. 🙂


    1. Thanks, she’s a lot less lively this week as she is in recovery from her spaying operation. Hopefully we’ll both be out hunting soon, me for photos, her for rabbits.


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