It was fine afternoon and the light was good, although frustratingly for a black and white photographer there was an annoying featureless blank blue sky. I would have to focus on filling the frame with otherwise interesting things.

So I am up at Warbstow Bury, playing with compositions while my assistant is off exploring other locations.

I played with framing the distant satellite dishes of GCHQ Morwenstow through the arch that the tree half makes but I am aware that I can’t see my assistant and haven’t now for a good few minutes. Perhaps she’s found something interesting.

Unusually for a photographers assistant, she is well trained and responds fairly well when I need her.

So I whistled for her.

DSC02086Mar 25 2018.jpg

Her name is Gwynnik, a Cornish word for ‘little white thing’. She reported many interesting rabbit holes in the location.