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Wilsey Woods misty firebreak

I don’t always take my camera with me on the daily dog walk. I carried it with me on this morning, even though it was misty, as I had the feeling that some opportunities would present themselves if the mist started clearing.

This is the sun breaking through through the mists in one of the many firebreak gaps between the regulation lines of the plantation trees at Wilsey.

DSC00975-11 1

16 thoughts on “Wilsey Woods misty firebreak”

        1. Of course. Use the Contact form to pass your details on and I’ll be in touch,. it may take a few days, I’ve not had long to get it up and running yet!

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  1. I love this picture. I live in America and I am about to say the kind of thing that makes everyone hate us Americans. So to be true to form here goes.
    It looks like pitch black but the light coming down from an alien spaceship like the forest scene on the movie ET. It’s amazingly beautiful.
    Now you see, this is the highest compliment from an American because that movie was a Stephen Spielberg movie and to those of us who remember the 80s, Spielberg might as well be God himself. Spielberg for president!
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture.

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    1. Thank you, yep, most times I have ‘a’ camera with the phone one but nothing beats having the proper one with me and ready to go – the dog doesn’t like hanging around waiting for me to check out all the possibilities though!


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