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Crackington Haven

The beach at Crackington changes shape and composition often. Some tides leave a healthy load of sand, making walking on it an easier and sometimes barefoot experience, but a period of heavy rainfall couple with high speed winter winds can strip it back to the bedrock or leave many tons of bitty rubble in its place.

When the river is powered with water coming from the valleys and farmland behind, it carves its way straight out to sea in a fast, deep and direct torrent instead of seeping out gradually through the pebbles.

You can hear the stones being tumbled out of the way by the force of its impatient rushing to join up with the waves.

DSC01059-11 2

9 thoughts on “Crackington Haven”

    1. Thank you Ida. Always nice to find any new angles and lighting conditions when I must be down there three or four times a week!


    1. Thank you, it does the beauty and I just point the camera at it. There’s a bit of post-shooting editing normally but I generally don’t do much apart from the B&W conversion and some contrast tweaks.


  1. It’s both frustrating and part of the charm of the beach that it’s never the same two days in a row. We have one that I know of that goes through similar changes regularly. Rocky one day, sand the next.

    My favourites are sand bars that form temporary lagoons, they are fascinating

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    1. Recent storms almost stripped this one down to its bedrock but it only took days for a load of shingle, rubble and boulders to build up. The sand is gradually returning now a week later although it fairly reliably reveals sand as the tide recedes to the lower points.


    1. It’s a constant process that is always changing the scene but you’re right, it rewards taking the time to let it all soak in from all the senses.

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