As a beach without restrictions on dog walking, due to it being one of those without tourist facilities at all, very stony and a narrow, twisty and distinctly motorhome unfriendly 30% hill in and out again, this is one of my, and Gwynnik’s, favourite locations.

The cliffs here are a wonderful example of all the layering and then folding that the earth’s processes have worked over many millions of years.

The normal photographic difficulty I find with this place is getting the sense of scale into the results. If there is no one else about, as was the case today, you can take more abstract pictures of the dramatic folds but you end up without anything for the viewer to make some sense of what the size is. Luckily this time, as well as using a bit of the distant view, a couple of gulls were wheeling away towards the top of the cliff on the breezy day.