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Old gate post, Warbstow Bury

You will notice a few locations pop up fairly regularly. This is because they are both lovely to be at and good for taking the dog out for her walk. Warbstow Bury is the remains of an ancient Iron age hill fort, now looked after by Cornwall Council.

It sits on a high point of land that has a stunning view, ranging from the Atlantic sea in the west with Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel visible 20 miles distant on a good day. Then northwards out over towards Bude, far distant Exmoor and on an eastwards sweep, Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor. You can certainly see that it was a great place to settle and feel safe in the knowledge that if anybody was coming towards you looking like they were marauding, you had about a week to prepare for their arrival.

Regardless of the view being so massive, it in itself doesn’t photograph well as a whole thing. Apart from the curse of the pylons, the breath taking scale just seems to be too much, so I take occasional details and perhaps hint at some of the view.

The site is used for grazing by sheep occasionally and there are signs around it that it has been used as part of the farmland landscape for some time in the past too.


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