A year has passed since I decided to make this blog ‘my own’, by paying for a domain name and to go without adverts. I know this because I have just had notice that my payment for the next year of it has just arrived (notice that it has been paid, not that it was … More Renewal


I logged in to my Twitter account this morning to find a lovely tweet from Lucy, super-talented creator behind the Silence Killed the Dinosaurs blog. This was a surprise because I normally get an email from Redbubble when I make a print sale and I hadn’t seen this one. Then I remembered that Lucy also … More Surprise

Still here…

Hello, I thought I’d better post something new here, just to show I hadn’t abandoned being the photographer called Bear R Humphreys. Life is generally good but I have had a string of MS-based fatigue relapses over the new year season that have kept me from really getting enthusiastic about anything at all really. I … More Still here…


The ICM technique (longer than technically correct shutter speeds, handheld and in daylight) normally has me moving the camera during the exposure but in this one the reeds were waving around in the breeze. So on a few shots I managed to get my camera movement ‘in synch’ with the reeds waving around, creating a … More Reeds